Monday, August 06, 2012

Fair Games

Yesterday, as we were driving out to the 67th Annual Howard County Fair, I asked Peanut which part of the fair she liked best.

“The animals,” she answered without hesitation.

I told her that it is the people I find most interesting.

As it turned out we arrived just in time to catch the Grand Opening Parade. I expected to see a full compliment of our loco elected officials marching down the midway with the tractors and fire engines, showing their support of county agriculture.

All I saw was the red team.
 “It’s not an election year,” Warren Miller pointed out. He was there of course, along with fellow Repubs Gail Bates, Allan Kittleman and Greg Fox. Though West Friendship is generally considered red country this is still our county fair, election year or not. It would have been nice to see at least one member of the blue team, if only to lend support to their own volunteers manning the Dem party booth.

It’s not like HoCo Dems don’t go to the fair. I saw more than a few loco Dems as Peanut and I made our way around the grounds.

I like our fair. It’s small enough to still feel like a real homegrown country fair. We saw  4-H members parading their animals in funny costumes, checked out the livestock, consumed some Glenelg High School french fries and even took in a couple of rides.
In other words, we had a pretty good time.
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