Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Those February Blues

Despite being the month of Valentines, it’s hard to find love for February. It’s the last full month of winter and by now, for me at least, the cold weather has really worn out its welcome. Everything outdoors looks uninviting.
It seems appropriate then that on Tuesday we learned that the Washington, DC metro area is the worst area in the country for traffic congestion. According to this story by Ashley Halsey III in The Washington Post, DC is the “most congested metropolitan area in the United States, a place where the average driver burns 67 hours and 32 gallons of gas each year sitting in traffic.”

Great. Then again, it’s probably not quite that bad in HoCo. Our Super Bowl champion city to the north is ranked 15th in the same study.

On yet an even more positive note, signs of spring are beginning to appear. Pitchers and catchers report next Tuesday.

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