Tuesday, February 05, 2013

In This Months Business Monthly

January was a rough month for me, both personally and in business. As such I gave little thought to the monthly deadline for my column. When Mark Smith dropped me a note telling me he needed the column even sooner than usual because he was headed out of town I snapped.

I quit.

Truthfully, I had been contemplating giving up the column for the last six months or so. Each month it seemed it was getting harder and harder to pull off. More often than not I was not happy with the end result. I was on the edge so when Mark, in his role of editor in chief chastised me, I snapped.

I quit.”

On the surface it seemed such an easy solution. Just below the surface it felt so very wrong. Quitting in a huff is no way to exit a twenty plus year relationship. Ironically, the act of quitting provided me the inspiration to stay on. I banged out another column.

I didn't quit.

You can find this month’s column here.
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