Saturday, February 09, 2013

Local Weatherman

As a self professed weather geek I am happy to share the news that a HoCo loco has been named the new director of the National Weather Service. According to this story by Jason Samenow in The Washington Post, the service “appointed 24-year NWS veteran Dr. Louis Uccellini as its next director.”

“In addition to his federal government experience, Uccellini, a resident of Columbia, Md., is one of the co-authors (with Paul Kocin) of the book “Northeast Snowstorms”, a definitive account of the region’s most impactful snow events. With a possible historic blizzard slated for New England Friday, the timing of his appointment is certainly fitting.”

In hearing this news, Ian Kennedy, another loco weather geek wrote on Facebook that he'd like to meet his Columbia neighbor and  "maybe we can just hang out and talk about snow and cold fronts and stuff."

Count me in for that. I'll even buy a round...or two.

Congratulations Dr. Uccellini.
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