Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Expanded Symphony Woods

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This drawing illustrates the extent to which Symphony Woods would be expanded in the GGP draft master plan for Town Center.

If you just focus on the new roads and buildings fronting Little Patuxent Parkway you miss the overall picture.


Anonymous said...

Your 7/19 post includes what you describe as the "most informative graphic and detailed plan from the GGP Draft Master Plan". That graphic shows a road bridge over Lake Kittamaqundi (but doesn't show how it intersects with Route 29 or where it goes east of that). The GGP graphic you have included in this 7/31 post, however, shows absolutely no road bridge over Lake Kittamaqundi at that same location. Your 4/29 post's GGP graphic also doesn't show a road going over the lake in that location. So which graphic is accurate and which is misleading?

Back to your post's topic, for the sake of clarity:
- how many acres is Symphony Woods currently?
- how many acres of it would be consumed by new road construction?
- how many acres of it would be consumed by new building construction?
- how many of the adjacent acres shown as park in this "after" illustration are non-buildable anyway since they are protected already either because they are wetlands, adjacent to streams, or are necessary to retain for onsite forest retention requirements?
- how many acres of GGP property adjacent to Symphony Woods are you saying will "expand" Symphony Woods?
- will those acres of GGP property that the illustration shows as natural areas be deeded to the County or CA?
With those questions answered, we can then understand if there is really a net expansion of Symphony Woods.