Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vision in View Part One

Last night I dropped by the “Vision in View” exhibit at the General Growth Properties building in Town Center. The exhibit, which is in the Spear Center on the 4th floor, is made up of panels “showcasing key elements of the draft Master Plan.”

There is some good stuff to see and last night there were also plenty of folks from GGP around to answer questions.

My overall impression was that this exhibit needs to be more visible. The Spear Center is a lovely venue but it is a bit out of the way. Despite the open bar and hors d’oeuvres, the attendance last night at the opening reception was light especially when compared to the crowd that had gathered at the lakefront right next to the GGP building for a free concert. GGP may be better served by placing this exhibit in the mall.

Still, I saw many of the usual suspects. Liz Bobo and Lloyd Knowles were there as was Barbara Russell. I also spoke with Chris Tien, Steve Lee, Fred Gottemoeller, Jud Malone John Slater, Barbara Kelner and Jean Moon.

I’ll post more about last night later today or tomorrow.


PeopleTree Films said...

Hey WB,

I am in town this week, and I was this close to going, but opted to watch my dad in his non spin yacht race down in Galesville. The wind was non existent, but the crabcakes and coronas at Pirate's Cove made it all worthwhile.

I am going to try to get to see it before I head back to Boston on

Take care,
PeopleTree Films/Productions

Dave W said...

Another packed crowd down at the Lakefront is good to see. I was down there on Saturday night, and after dinner at Copeland's, we went down to the Lakefront and the grass ampitheatre was completely packed with people and the outdoor seating at Clyde's was completely full.

Seems like the high price of gas is keeping more people local and willing to attend free events when they are offered.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct that this exhibit should be outside in front of all of the citizens at the Lakefront.