Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vision in View Part Two

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The most informative graphic and detailed plan from the GGP Draft Master Plan “Vision in View” exhibit is this one. If you look carefully you can see the existing road network surrounding Merriweather Post Pavilion overlaid on the proposed new alignment of roads. This clearly shows new roads cutting through Symphony Woods and is certain to raise the most controversy.

Liz Bobo has already laid down a gauntlet of sorts in her op-ed piece in yesterdays Sun. She asks “How can the removal of about two-fifths of the trees in Symphony Woods in order to accommodate buildings be reconciled with the current emphasis on green?”

I think this is a little disingenuous on Liz’s part. By now she certainly knows that the current ecological condition of Symphony Woods is less than ideal. Streams are eroding, invasive plants are taking over and the wetlands are failing. She also certainly knows that GGP’s plans include 22.7 acres of reforestation, 57 acres of forest restoration, 4,800 linear feet of stream restoration, 5 acres of wetland enhancement and the planting of 9,200 trees (these do not include landscaping trees). This information was prominently displayed at the Vision in View exhibit that she attended.

This is bound to be a hot topic in the next few months as GGP advances its request for the zoning changes it needs to move this vision forward.


Anonymous said...

I think you nailed the bit about the trees. If being "green" means having trees, Columbia is the greenest developed place on the freakin' planet. If a few need to be cut down to make downtown better, no harm done as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

I had a chance to see the GGP vision also. It was informative and helpful in allowing me to understand the transformation that is possible in Town Center. I would be in favor of more 23 story buildings with artistic and creative structures like the WCI building. The downtown should be economically sound and functional but inspirational as well. It should draw people there to live and enjoy. I think the vision is a good start and welcome improvements that will draw the families of Howard County and Maryland to reside, visit and enjoy its community spirit. Ms Bobo's remarks should be taken as her opinion only. She certainly doesn't represent my opinion or interests. The future of Columbia belongs to families of the future and not the nimby's of the past.
HH the tree hugger

Tom said...

Was this the same Liz Bobo that was County Executive and is married to Lloyd Knowles who used to be on the County Planning Board?
If it is this Liz Bobo I would hope she already knows the answers to her questions from these past experiences.

Anonymous said...

Another ranting raving attack on Liz and her husband from another blind supporter of the master plan for TC. The streams could be restored and the wetlands improved without need for granting GGP 5,000 additional residences. When will you the anonymous fools realize this and stop playing games. Anyone who opposes the ill-conceived plan is unfairly labeled a Nimby. The fact is that the proposed plan would be a disaster in terms of traffic impact and environmental impact. Trash, noise, removal of forest, etc.

Any reforestation or forest mitigation done would be done elsewhere not necessarily on the Symphony Woods property.

Shame on you WB for perpetuating this unfair labeling of those who are opposed to an idea that is being crammed down the public's throats.

Anonymous said...

8:40 AM
Where were you during the charettes when the citizens of the community were invited to participate in the planning of the downtown? Were you there?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:40,

The voices out here in the most read HC blogs are patently pro-developer to the extent I'm starting to think it's part of their job.

Also, become accustomed to reading them rant about a few citizen activists having a voice, when they have been nauseatingly guilty of just that - one single industry making every decision, directing every outcome.

'offense is the best defense' is their motto, and they are quite successful at being offensive.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02- so why don't you start your own blog? It is very cowardly of HCCA and other activists to not allow their opinions and assertions be tried against anon comments as the bloggers do. These "activists" are only willing to express their opinions in the sterile environment of their listserv or in the newspapers.

HCCA pretends to have a large membership when in fact it has only 100 paying members.

Any blogger who thought that gases do not have weight would have been crucified. On the HCCA list such an assertion hardly raises an eyebrow.