Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In This Months Business Monthly

A little over a year ago I wrote a column about the Columbia Association Board of Directors and their reluctance to renew the contract of the association’s president, Maggie Brown. In that column I lamented that Columbia residents would not likely pay much attention to the machinations of the Columbia Council until “hundreds of CA employees run amok, thousands of acres of land go untended, dozens of facilities enter a state of disrepair and a $63 million dollar plus annual budget is squandered.”

Well the situation is getting pretty close to that. Check out this post from fellow blogger Bill Santos at the Columbia Compass blog or consider the fact that Columbia’s premier golf club, Hobbits Glen, is hemorrhaging members. What makes this state of affairs even more alarming is the fact that the majority of the CA board members are seemingly most concerned with capping increases in the CPRA assessment.

The good news is that not all CA board members are bad. The bad news is that the good people are currently outnumbered. This month Columbia residents will have the opportunity to change that.

You can read this month’s column here.


Anonymous said...

Great column! I can't wait to see what the results will be from the April 26th elections. Especially with the search for a new president, I hope the Board doesn't "pick" another Deborah McCarty.

Anonymous said...

Its scary how accurate this 2000 Biz Monthly article was then and now -

"Not enough board members serve long enough to know what they're doing, too many board members want to micromanage, and too few on the board have the vaguest idea of what a governing board is really supposed to do."