Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Less Than a Week Later…

A confession…from a neighbor no less!

We now know who killed Bryan Antoine Adams Jr.. According to an article in today’s Sun, Antajuan L. Wilson confessed to the shooting yesterday. Antajuan is one year younger than his 20 year old victim. He lives less than a quarter mile from where he gunned down Bryan.

As I mentioned in a comment to a previous post about this, I was planning on going shopping at Wilde Lake Village Green this past weekend to pick up a new pair of running shoes from Feet First.
Sunday afternoon around 3:30 PM I fulfilled that task. The parking lot was pretty empty but it was Sunday afternoon. As I walked across the green I saw people patronizing Absolutely Wine & Spirits but otherwise it was quiet inside the center as well.

Inside the store I spoke with Andre about what effect, if any, the shooting had on business. “It’s not even noticeable” he claimed. At this point in time there were more sales clerks than customers in the store so I sort of gave him a look that said “really!”

“Yesterday we were really busy. Sunday afternoons is usually slow.”

I’ll buy that.

This store is usually pretty busy around this time of year. Feet First is one of the sponsors of Clyde’s American 10K race which is being held this Sunday. Starting this Thursday race participants will be able to pick up their race packets and t-shirt at the store.

I ended up getting shorts, socks and a shirt in addition to my brand new Asics. Another customer came in as I was finishing up so the customer to sales clerk ratio reached parity.