Monday, March 31, 2008

Wegmans Saga Part Three

It appears that the grocery workers union and Giant and Safeway have reached a new labor contract and have averted a strike. Local resident, Buddy Mays, president of United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local Number 27 must be pleased. A strike right now would seem to be a very bad idea. This is no time to piss off any more consumers. Dave Wissing has a nice post about his recent trip to a union store.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no bone to chew with the union. I only ask that I have a choice of where I spend my dollars. I would suspect that any store staffed by paid union professionals would have to be better run than some store staffed by mere mortals. Surely the union can see that they have an advantage here.

Buddy Mays apparently doesn’t feel that way. He is behind the effort challenging the legality of Wegmans, a non union grocer planning to open a store at the intersection of McGaw Road and Snowden River Parkway. He has issues with the zoning amendment that allowed a grocery use in what was originally an industrial zone, albeit an industrial zone that already allowed for such “industrial” uses as gas stations, banks, restaurants and home improvement stores.

I’m with Dave. Wegmans can’t come soon enough. Let them have their clock tower too.


Dave said...

I never really thought about the union vs. non-union aspect of this, but an interesting angle to explore. If Giant was a non-union store, would it have better service?

Lotsabogeys said...

Buddy Mays is a joke. He forgets that this is a free economy.

Just because a store has union employees doesn't mean that they are all professional in their conduct and better run. Wegmans has excellent customer service. Harris Teeter isn't the same caliber as Wegmans, but theirs has been good in my experiences and not worse than Giant.

I grew up near a large Wegmans. They co-existed with other stores in the area. I do not know which stores are unionized. Two stores that come to mind are along the same road as Wegmans. One store was less than a mile in one direction and the other was two miles in the other. They were not put out of business by Wegmans as Buddy Mays tries to make people think will happen to local stores around here. If they don't compete they will go out of business.