Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The other night Mama Wordbones asked my opinion about the BOE candidates. She had recently received her sample ballot from the Board of Elections and wanted to fill it out in advance. She's pretty organized that way. I noticed that her sample ballot was different from mine which makes perfect sense since she is a registered Repub and I’m registered independent. I can't participate in the parties presidential primarys since I don’t belong to either team. I get that. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I get it.

The real difference in the ballots that surprised me was the HoCo Circuit Court Judges race which is supposedly non partisan. She gets to vote in that race but not me. I don’t get that. Apparently both Dems and Repubs can vote for the judges but not independents.

How is that okay?

In any event I suggested she support Judge Lenore Gelfman and Judge William Tucker, not the other guy. That’s what I would have done if somebody hadn't denied me the right to vote anyway.

This needs to be fixed.
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