Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wordbones Weekend Words

Visits to this blog drop in half over the weekends. It has pretty much been that way since I started paying attention. Two months or so ago I started making a conscious effort to do at least one post per weekend to see if I could effect that.

I am happy to report that it does make a difference when I post on a weekend. It’s marginal but noticeable. I just thought I’d share that.

I also figured it was a good way to begin a weekend post. Maybe it will become a regular feature, Wordbones Weekend Words!

Last night, I had the rare solo Friday night. Mama Wordbones was off at Parents Weekend at Washington College and Peanut was with her mom. It was just me and our two aging dogs, Mars (black lab) 11 and Lucky (golden) 12. At this point in their lives they really need somebody staying in the house with them all the time. The drop by three times a day dog care services won’t cut it with them anymore.

So anyway, Friday night it was just me and the dogs. Once I fed and played around with them a bit, I hopped in the car and drove over to Clyde’s. I ran into Dennis Dunn. He was the first GGP guy I’d seen since that certain newspaper article came out this past Thursday (more about that in a future post). As promised, I bought him a drink.
Clyde’s was having its Oktoberfest and some of the waiters were walking around in lederhosen. They aren’t letting the rain deter them. They have a tent. The Oktoberfest is on tonight and tomorrow too.

From Clyde’s I swung over to Victoria. It was a happening place. They were standing two deep at the bar. I ran into Randy Marriner, the proprietor of the gastro pub. We spoke a bit about the nasty review in the Post by Tom Sietsema. I told him about my blog post and the some of the positive comments it received defending his establishment. In any event, the review didn’t seem to be affecting business. Randy seemed generally happy.

After that it was back home to the dogs and the debate…in that order.

Today Peanut and I ventured down to the Fall Festival in Downtown Ellicott City. When we parked the car it wasn’t raining. By the time we were at the intersection of Old Columbia Pike and Main Street it was drizzling. By the time we got down to the corner of Main Street and Maryland Avenue it was pouring.

Poor Ellicott City, things don’t look so good on Main Street right now. I counted at least six vacant storefronts right on Main Street. Two restaurants have closed down this year, Annabel’s and the Tiber River Tavern. The weather gods certainly weren’t in its favor today either.

Eventually the rain drove us home.


Barbara said...

I'm not sure which of us posted first but great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is interesting.
I don't have a clue what your readership is but I would think it is higher than the comments. The question is how to expand your readership? It probably isn't posted in the Business Monthly. I don't know why not since pretty near everyone now knows who you really are.
You might increase your readership if you came out of the closet.
What do you say? Can we expect an unveiling in the Business Monthly in the near future?

wordbones said...

Thanks for checking in from the land downunder.

This blog gets about 2,400 visits a month. How that equates to actual people I have no clue. I think The Business Monthly prints about 20,000 copies a month. I began including a "blurb" about this blog at the end of the column last year.

I "officially" came out in my June 2007 column.


Anonymous said...

Is the 2,400 equal to about 240 people or do most people drop in monthly?

While I really likedAnnabelle's location and menu/wines, the service and atmosphere was about the worst - comparable only to the UN-Friendly Inn on Frederick Rd.

The surprise was they stayed open as long as they did.

Anonymous said...

You need a marketing person expanding your blog circulation. I visit your site 30 times a month myself. You do the math. 30 divided into 2400 is 80 people and roughly 100,000 in Columbia and 250,000 in Howard County.
You are hiding your light.
Maybe you could get some help with the marketing and by letting advertisers pay for space.

wordbones said...


Funny you should mention taking in advertising here. I have been contemplating doing just that. I would use the revenues to spread the word.

Stay tuned and thanks for the suggestion.