Thursday, August 14, 2008

Private Showing

I took the day off yesterday to spend a summer afternoon with my ten year old daughter. She had been bugging me to take her to see Journey to the Center of the Earth so we made plans to catch the 2:45 PM show at Snowden Square.

One of the attractions of this film is that it is shown in Real 3D. Unfortunately for us, the Regal Cinemas at Snowden Square were not showing the Real 3D version. If I had read the fine print I would have seen that it had advised that you call the theatre beforehand to see if they are showing it in Real 3D. Of course I didn’t do that so it wasn’t until I got to the ticket window that I found out that this was one of the theatres that wasn’t showing it in 3D. I stood there wondering why a theatre would not show a movie that was especially made for 3D in 3D.

As it turns out, my daughter didn’t care. She really just wanted to see the dinosaurs and she really didn’t care that it was or wasn’t in 3D. In fact, she isn’t a big fan of wearing those glasses anyway.

So we bought the tickets and entered the near empty lobby. There was no wait at the concession stand. When we entered the theatre we were also the only ones there. In all my years of going to movies, this is the first time that I have been in a movie theatre where we were the only patrons. It was our own private showing.

This morning, as I was reading the Sun, I came across this story about a protest that was held that same morning at Snowden. Judging from the lack of crowds that we witnessed, we both would have been better off at the other Columbia theatre.