Monday, August 18, 2008

Ducking Traffic

Yesterday I convinced Mama Wordbones that it was just too beautiful to spend at home working on the yard. I mean, how may August days do you get in Maryland when the temperature stays below 90 and there is a slight breeze?

In order to entice her further I suggested we check out the Patuxent Branch Trail that connects Lake Elkhorn to Savage. This trail is a unique collaboration between the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks and the Columbia Association. Part of it follows an abandoned B&O rail bed that connected the old quarry’s in Guilford with the branch serving Savage Mill. If you want to know the full railroad history of this trail you can find it here.

The trail passes under Broken Land Parkway, Route 32, Broken Land Parkway South, Guilford Road, and Interstate 95. There is something otherworldly about riding your bike through a bucolic stream valley with the continuous roar of traffic high above on the interstate.

After the approximately 5 mile trek down from Columbia, you can stop in for a nice cold brew at the Rams Head Tavern in Savage Mill before heading back.

We are already planning on making a return visit in the fall. It sure beats doing yard work anyway.


Anonymous said...

Never knew the connection to Savage was there.
Have to give it a try this fall when the trees change.

Hayduke said...

One of the best stretches of pathway in Columbia/HoCo. If you take a right when the path intersects with Vollmerhausen Rd, you can hit the Wincopin area of Savage Park, another hidden gem, for some hiking or mountain biking.