Friday, February 01, 2008

Requiem for the Tower

The site is stabilized, the deposit money is being returned and the sales center is now by appointment only. The Sun reported today that everyone who had a reservation with a deposit for the Plaza Residences would receive their deposit back. WCI will continue to honor the reservations.

“"We appreciate their patience as we look forward to the continued successful development of the Plaza Residences," Robert H. Grabner Jr., vice president/senior project manager of the tower division of WCI Mid-Atlantic U.S. Region Inc., said in a statement.”

They say the earliest the project could get going again would be around mid 2009. Of course this isn’t the result of any local pressure. The condominium market is taking the biggest hit in the housing downturn. Ironically, WCI may be thankful that the anti tower legislation and lawsuit held them up for awhile. Right now the last thing that company needs is unsold units.

Liz Bobo was even strangely compassionate in her quote. "It's an example right in our own community of the impact of the housing slump,"

How very insightful.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks Bobo et al for bringing vibrancy to downtown in the form of a vacant lot and sediment fence!

Progress: 1; Developers: 0!

Anonymous said...

How very pompous, and ridiculous, both of you above.

If you don't like the way Columbia looks, is, operates, go to Baltimore!! That tower was an insane wart in the middle of an otherwise cohesive plan.

These blogs are nauseatingly plain vanilla with all the comments supporting the blog host. My God people. Get a brain.

Want to hear REAL voices, instead of one-sided monologue? visit some of the national sites. It's the only way to get relief from this disappointing myopia.

Dave Bittner said...

Am I the only one enjoying the irony of complaints about "REAL" voices coming from someone who posts anonymously?

wordbones said...

Anon 8:38 AM,

Thank you for your well thought out and insightful comment. By the way, you really don't need to use two exclamation points. One will usually suffice but you knew that anyway didn't you?


I would while away the hours... said...

Yes, ironies abound, but so does the curious aroma of shillyness.

Ancillary comments aside, sarcasm, mild as it is, both in the post and the comments, seems out of place for this situation, where all sides have spent considerable sums, consumed much time, and continue to deal with the serious nature of current events.

Now, to which non-local blog should I report to begin my homogenization, I mean enlightenment?