Monday, July 16, 2007

The Party's Over

The final day of Columbia's 40 day fortieth birthday celebration was yesterday. The forty day party concluded with a reunion performance of the Young Columbians (they ain't so young anymore!) and a concert by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Although it was quite humid inside the pavilion it was still a great evening in Symphony Woods.

I remember back thirty years or so ago when the Young Columbians performed their show on a stage in the center court fountain of The Mall. They ended up taking the show on the road to many of the other Rouse malls around the country and even performed at The White House (I believe it was for Nixon). The reunion show bought back many memories. I admire the stamina of these now forty something young Columbians for giving it their all on a very warm night.

This morning there was an article about Columbia on it's fortieth birthday in the Washington Post. It is a pretty fair depiction of the current debate over the next forty years. The online version has a slide show with some great historical pictures. There is one showing the Town Center area with just the Teachers Building, the Exhibit Building and the American Cities building. This is what it looked like when I moved here.