Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Nice To See Everyone Getting Along

I have posted before about the parking challenges in the historic district of Ellicott City. I still believe that this is major impediment for the businesses and restaurants located there. I always feel like I won the lottery when I find a parking space at least relatively close to the place I am attempting to patronize. With this in mind I was heartened by this article in yesterdays Sun paper. It appears that there is now a bipartisan effort to address this very issue. It's nice to see that both parties are working together on a solution.


Anonymous said...

Try to use "quaint" and "multi-level parking garage" in the same sentence.

While a few businesses may see increased volumes as a result of a parking garage built just off Ellicott City's Main Street, the overall effect may be chilling to the historic and cozy draw Ellicott City has enjoyed for years and years, instead offering an odd homogenization where a large modern utilitarian structure overwhelms the far more interesting surroundings.