Friday, July 06, 2007

Just Drivin' Around

I cut out of work early today. I wasn't the only one either. The parking lot at my office building was half empty when I left. That's what happens when you get a holiday on Wednesday. It shoots the hell out of the remainder of the week.

I decided to run few errands before heading home. My first stop was at Petsmart in Snowden Square to reload on some dog food. As I pulled up I noticed the demolition/construction work going on in the old Best Buy space. In case you didn't know, this is going to be a new Filene's Basement. According to the hard hatted fellow I spoke with, they plan to be open this fall.

I then started to head for the mall but somewhere along the way I decided that I really didn't need to go to the mall so I decided to head back towards EC by taking the long way home. I often do this. This time my long way home route took me by the Blue Cow Cafe in Thunder Hill. I decided to drop in for a nice cold bottle of water.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I want to like this place. Today, however, I was struck by the amount of trash directly in front of the place. There was even a little pile that looked like someone did a little sweeping and then forgot to come back and pick it up. Did they suddenly get busy and had to abandon this clean up?

Apparently not so. I was the only customer and two young folks were behind the counter. They certainly didn't look very busy. No one seemed that concerned with how the front of the store looked. It's a shame and it reflects poorly on a place of business.

The bottled water in the cooler was room temperature too.

From Blue Cow I crossed back into EC territory stopping at the Watermont Pharmacy at the intersection of MD 104 & MD 103. This place is a throwback to the pharmacies of an earlier time. Still locally owned and operated, it is a treat to visit. Great folks too.

The front of store (including parking lot) was not immaculate but it was noticibly cleaner than my previous stop.

The bottled water was very cold too.


Anonymous said...

As owner and operator of Blue cow cafe I am sadden by your experiance considering That is a very rare occation and I do apoligize for the water we tend to go through it quite fast next to the pool. Next time I would love to give you an cup full of ice for your water we aim to please and I would hate for the lak of cold water to keep yopu from coming back. We have the best ice cream and sandwiches~!!!!!! please come back and let us prove you wrong!!! thanks owner and life long resisdent of Thunder Hill Karen Blue