Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Just Can’t Make Some Folks Happy

The Sun reported today that Greg Hamm, the newly minted “General Manager” of Columbia for GGP, spoke to an “open meeting” of the Columbia Association board of directors about his firms plans for the redevelopment of Town Center. His predecessor had been heavily criticized for holding private meetings with individual community groups.

In case you are interested, I attended one of these meetings and posted about it here, here and here.

Still, it seems that just wasn’t good enough for Alex Hekimian, president for life of the Alliance for a Better Columbia who was quoted as saying “There have been a lot of private meetings, and those people have gotten a lot more information than was available in public sessions. That's troubling. If the information was good enough for the private groups, why isn't it good enough for the public session?"


How would he know what was presented at those meetings if he didn’t attend one of these meetings?

I can see why some people refer to his group as the Alliance of Bitter Columbians.


B. Santos said...


I just wrote about the same thing! Ponderous!

wordbones said...


Great minds think alike.


Jessie N said...

I think you're on to something, WB, with the Alliance for BITTER Columbians name change. Remember, "i" before "e" except after "c." The rule applies here.

Dave Bittner said...

Of course, I'm a founding member of The Alliance for Bittner Columbians. An admittedly small, insular group, with little political influence...

jessie n said...

LOL, Dave. I have to say, I like the Alliance for Bittner Columbians quite a bit.