Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to all the readers of Tales of Two Cities!

Last night, Mama Wordbones and I celebrated quietly in our home in Ellicott City after a nice little dinner at Strapazza. We got a little freaked out however when, at the stroke of midnight as we watched the ball drop in Times Square, the power went out in our neighborhood. For awhile there we wondered if this was some sort of terrorist attack but by 1:30 AM the power came back on. Mama Wordbones was fast asleep by then.

Anyone else care to share a New Years Eve experience?


David Wissing said...

Happy New Year, looking forward to continuing to read your site and hopefully meet you again at another Happy hour somewhere....

wordbones said...

Ditto. Word has it that JN is working on another "blogtail hour" gathering this month.

I shall endeavor to be there.

Happy Hedgehog New Year!


Jessie Newburn said...

I got slammed by four black russians ... and treated kindly by the Russians who served them to me.

Word: The next Blogtail Happy Hour is Thursday, Jan. 10th at Victoria Gastro Pub, from 5:25 - 7:30. Bloggers and blog readers are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Can the anonymati attend in disguise? I have a George Bush mask.

On second thought, maybe that would be too scary.

Anonymous said...

I was given the Chrismas in Kilnary (Irish Cocoa) coffee as a Chrismas gift this past yr and I am having a fit. I loved this coffe and was going to get more but now I find out the shop has closed, what the heck!! I would love to know where I could get some more of it. It has got to be my favorite coffee in a long time.
Please email me if anyone knows who supplied the coffee for the Bun Penny Market in Columbia, MD. SpiritRane@hotmail.com

Thanks, Rane