Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And Now To Sports...

Since none of our local NFL teams are playing football anymore this year, it’s nice to at least have something interesting going on for the fans. The big news today is that the Washington Redskins coach, Joe Gibbs, will not be returning to the team next year. Apparently he quit but undoubtedly some fans will have a different opinion on that.

The Ravens were already in the search for a new coach after Steve Bisciotti sacked Brian Billick at the end of a very disappointing season.

Will both teams now go after Marty Schottenhiemer, the coach who was fired by the San Diego Chargers last year after finishing 14 - 2?

Should they?

Weirdly enough both teams could end up in with a Schottenheimer for a coach. Marty’s son Brian, currently the New York Jets offensive coordinator, is also interviewing for the Baltimore job.

If Brian Schottenheimer becomes the new Ravens coach and Marty Schottenheimer becomes the new Redskins coach they could both move their families to Howard County, right between the two cities.

I had to make a local connection in order to justify this sports post.

And, while I’m at it, anybody have a Super Bowl prediction they care to share?


Anonymous said...

I doubt the Redskins will hire Marty, since they have already been down that road. I am sure Marty isn't looking at the Redskins either. He was fired after only one season in which he went 8-8. That was when they hired Steve Spurrier. And we all know how that worked out. OUCH!

I think the Redskins will hire Greg Williams.

PeopleTree Films said...

My prediction is that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl and finish the season a perfect 19-0. That's not really going too far out on a limb either. They're clicking on all cylinders.

As for the Skins new coach, I agree with anon 8:33, they'll hire Williams.

Anonymous said...

What I would love to see in the Super Bowl:

-Packer's come from behind to win by a touchdown in an amazing Favre style drive down the field in the last few minutes of the game.

What I would hate to see in the Super Bowl:

-I guess I would have to root for the Patriots because of my intense hatred for Dallas, but I hate them too, so maybe I just wouldn't even watch.