Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fair Play

Now this is interesting!
Perhaps our "silent majority" is finding its voice. That would be nice.

Check out www.fairplaycolumbia.org.


Anonymous said...

About time. I heard some other new groups are starting up to promote a more vibrant Town Center. It does seem like our silent majority is finally speaking up.

Anonymous said...

Silent majority? Show me a poll (preferably non-push) and I'll be more convinced.

wordbones said...

Works both ways...show me a poll that says most people are against the tower.

In the absence of a poll we will just have to see how many folks get behind Fair Play Columbia.

Another indicator will be the Columbia Council elections this spring.

Locke said...

If development must occur, and it must, it should be centered and focused around already existing density (downtown). A vibrant town center is in everyone's best interest.

locke said...

New to the area and trying to catch up on history... can someone explain the comp-lite process and the controversy related to a church expanding off St. Johns Lane (sorry this comment is off-topic).

wordbones said...


Check out http://hocohayduke.blogspot.com/
Hayduke has the latest on Comp Lite in recent post.

Thanks for dropping by

Hayduke said...
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Hayduke said...

I like the new digs.

(Sorry about the post above. I hit publish too soon...typical).

wordbones said...

I did the blogger update and decided to try out a new look.