Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday Movie Night: Part One

My lady and I were out for movie last night.

Our theatre of choice was the Regal Cinemas at Snowden Square . We went there even though:
1. It's in the back of a Home Depot.
2. You can't buy tickets online.
3. The soda machine stinks.
4. There are no paper towels in the men's room.
We chose it because it is relatively easy to get in and out of the parking lot and the theatres are less crowded. I like the AMC theatres in Town Center but the mere thought of battling post holiday shoppers and the holiday movie crowd was enough to steer us to the back of a home improvement store.

As I maneuvered into a fairly convenient parking spot, adjacent to the handicap spaces, I mused to my green eyed lady that what we need in this town are special reserved parking spaces for SUV's. I reasoned that since these cars are bigger and, theoretically at least, they are capable of carrying multiple passengers, SUV's should be accorded some select close in spaces. Of course these spaces would need to be larger too. It is nice to have lots of room to open our big SUV doors without bumping into a Camry.

We could make up for this added space by creating some smaller than normal parking spaces for little cars like the Mini. These spaces could be added to the fringes of the parking lots. The reasoning here is that since these cars tend to be most popular with young people they are much more capable of handling the long hike to the theatre.

We saw The Good Shepherd. It's long but good.


Bossxero said...
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Anonymous said...

Try for online tix purchase for Snowden River movies.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, reserved close-in parking for SUVs? Shoot, why not ask for parking SUVs in the lobby of the movie theater?

I don't think either situation would jive to well with all the marketing hyping their rough-and-tumble, off-road purpose. To me, they're more like rolling, refrigerated living rooms.

I doubt you'll get set-aside, front door, supersized parking spots, but some theaters, like the ballet, do provide valet parking.

wordbones said...


Jeez, I never considered lobby parking. Perhaps I should aim higher.

Alas, you are correct though, I suspect that there isn't much empathy out there for me and my brethern in our suburban assault vehicles.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should upgrade your SUV to one of these. That way, everyone could park their vehicle in the lobby.