Sunday, October 14, 2012

Game of Thrones Local Edition

One of my favorite pastimes is discussing loco politico maneuvering with others who pay close attention to the games. Recently, in a discussion with other loco politico watchers about the early field of Democratic gubernatorial candidates, an interesting scenario regarding our own county exec was suggested. The speculation was that if Obama wins a second term, O’Malley may well end up with cabinet appointment. The guv has certainly earned consideration for a plum job in the next administration for all of his high profile appearances supporting the presidents’ policies.

This would trigger a Maryland style Game of Thrones that my pundit friend said could go like this: Anthony Brown moves up to the governors seat and appoints Ken as his lieutenant to fill out O’Malley’s term.

This move would lead to a situation where the county council would pick someone to fill out Ken’s term. That could get real interesting.
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