Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Scene This Week In...

I’ve kind of got this thing going on for clerks in Columbia. You may recall that last week it was Jo and Sheila at Orinico coffee shop. This week it’s Greg and Jessica at Trader Joe’s. I count myself among those who looked forward to the arrival of TJ’s. I for one think our fair town can support two of them. How about a TJ’s at Wilde Lake Village Green?

Anyway, Greg and Jessica were gracious enough to ham it up for my picture and so they now occupy this weeks Scene in Columbia.

As for my Ellicott City scene, most everyone I know refers to this guy as the Bubble Man. He holds court every weekend on the sidewalk in front of the Forget Me Not Factory on Main Street in downtown Ellicott City. On this particular day though he wasn’t waving any bubble wands. He was just greeting and talking to folks looking very Gandalf like and leaning on a thick wooden staff.


B. Santos said...


I believe a Trader Joe's in Wilde Lake would be great!!! I also think I am not alone in this wish. When the Giant pullout was announced, I think the most commonly heard reply was "Can we get a Trader Joe's?"

Since then, I have been trying to understand the how and why of where Trader Joe's puts in stores.

The following story from the Los Angeles Downtown News

seems to shed some light on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I would perfer a Whole Foods at Wilde Lake. Actually, I would love a Whole Foods anywhere in Howard County! Sorry, but David's just doesn't cut it and Mom's is too small.