Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adam The First!

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As part of my in depth reporting on “Columbicott City, I stopped by the sales trailer for Bozzuto Homes at Shipley’s Grant. Adjacent to the entry road off Waterloo is this historical marker. I figure that most people zip by this sign without stopping to read it. There really is no place to easily pull over for that matter.

But it is an interesting marker. You hear a good deal about the Carrolls and Calverts around here but not so much about the Shipley’s. Sounds like they had a pretty nice spread back in 1687.

Today of course, the landscape is a bit different. This is the development model that sits in the sales trailer. Note that Route 100 and the overhead power lines are conspicuously absent. You have to step outside the trailer to see those features.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...but where is this piece of history one seems to know.

wordbones said...

Good question.

I noticed that they took this historic marker down when they began widening the road in front of the project.

You would think they have plans to put it back up wouldn't you?