Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scene This Week In...

I dropped by the Orinoco coffee shop last week. I needed to check my email and I didn't want to run all the back to my office by the airport. I have resisted the temptation to get a Blackberry or a Treo. I find I can get along quite well with my laptop as long as I can find a good wireless hot spot. The Orinoco coffee shop on McGaw Road has become one of my favorites. The coffee is excellent as well, even though I have now been reduced to ordering the decaffeinated brew. It's that heart disease thing.

Anyway, after ordering my coffee I was given a gift bag of sample Orinico coffees. This is their way of celebrating their first year in business. That earned them my Scene in Columbia picture this week. Besides a picture of the very cute Orinico coffee ladies, Jo and Sheila, is a vast improvement over last weeks picture of the Costco gas station. The proprietor of this fine establishment is Juan Carlos (JC). He also makes the best Cuban sandwich in town. Congratulations Orinico!

For the Ellicott City Scene I dropped by the Patapsco Female Institute on Sarah's Lane in Ellicott City. A friend of mine told me that his daughter held her wedding there recently. I was surprised and intrigued so I thought I'd go up there for a look. It is really quite a lovely place and well worth a visit, particularly on a beautiful fall day.


Freemarket said...

I drink about 8 cups of hi-test a day, so I need to cut back, too.

Stupid heart disease.

wordbones said...

I was there brother. The higher octane the better, at least five cups a day. I couldn't pass a coffee shop without going in. No fancy drinks either, just a plain black cup of joe...large.
Sigh, no longer. My little stint in the hospital successfully weaned me from caffiene (heart patients only get decaf) so I figured I'd go ahead and stick with it.

jim adams said...

I think it is good medicine to talk about stupid heart disease.

Wordbones, take care of your self, we all want you to live a long and happy life.

p.s. although I seldom leave comments on your blog, I read it often, and really enjoy it.

wordbones said...


Thanks for kind words. You keep reading and I'll keep writing.