Friday, September 07, 2007

Thank you David...

In my post "Battle of the Broadbands" I shared some of my frustrations of migrating from Comcast internet service to Verizons new FIOS service. One of the comments to this post was from fellow HoCo blogger David Keelen. David wrote "If you ever have problems with your FiOS call me."

Well I had problems. In fact I emailed David that I was almost ready to go back to the "devil I knew" rather than "staying the course" with FIOS.

That was two days ago.

Yesterday a Verizon FIOS guy named James showed up at my door. James proceeded to delve into the gremlins that had beset the "House" computer in the basement. This is a computer that I keep just for my daughter and any guests that visit. It was not responding well to the divorce from Comcast. It had issues.

James was soon joined by another Verizon technician named Bill and the two of them worked for about two hours to isolate and fix the problem. I am happy to report that the house computer is now purring like a kitten and all is well. Thank you David. Thank you James. Thank you Bill.

This was a far cry from any service experience I ever had with Comcast. It was enough to convince me to stay the course.


J. Newburn said...

I have had Verizon FiOS for about a year and love it. I've only lost service once, and that -- it turns out -- was my own doing. The connection speed is fantastic. And, I'm just pleased to make good on a promise I've made publicly to Comcast and privately to myself: That if there was ever a quality competitor to Comcast's internet service, the competitor would have my business in an instant.

I'm thrilled with Verizon FiOS's installation process, service, and connection speed.