Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And Yet Another New Columbia Blog...

Well, sort of new anyway. I stumbled across Cranky In Columbia today. The blog is described as "Columbia, Maryland residents share insightful comments and gripes about life in the suburbs stuck between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC"

It is a witty, no holds barred acerbic commentary on life in Columbia. Not exactly Chamber of Commerce stuff but fun to read anyway.



John B. said...


It's an interesting read, and definitely makes the local blogosphere more diverse... but witty?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, witty, whatever. It's great.

Breath of fresh air, relief someone else's life is less than perfect.

John B. said...

I now take back my original post. "Cranky" seems to be moving from D-grade Seinfeld material to some nice (and witty) posts.

CrankyInColumbia said...

I thought I was more like "Everyone Loves Raymond". But I'll take D-grade Seinfeld. Hopefully I'll graduate to Friends, get a masters in Cheers, and a PHd in MASH.

I'll try and keep it witty.