Friday, April 20, 2007

Hayduke For Columbia Council

Tomorrow Columbia will hold elections for representatives to the Columbia Council and village boards in several villages. In Oakland Mills, fellow blogger Ian Kennedy (aka Hayduke) is running against the incumbent, Barbara Russell. While I admire anyone who gives their time in service to their community, I believe it is time for Ms. Russell to go. She has polarized the council and the community with her views and she longer seems capable of listening to those who do not see things exactly as she does. I believe she is incapable of building consensus and moving the Columbia Association forward.

Ian represents a fresh perspective on the challenges facing both Oakland Mills and Columbia in general. While I may not always agree with him, I believe him to be a reasoned and rational thinker and that is something that is sorely needed on the Council.

As a former resident of Oakland Mills (Thunder Hill neighborhood), I encourage all current residents who read this blog to get out and vote for Ian tomorrow.

He is a pretty fair hooper too!


hayduke said...

Hey, WB, thanks for the endorsement and for coming to the hooping party.

I see you snapped a photo of my patented One Foot/Both Hands Up hooping move.

Jessie N said...

Not bad! On the photo or the patented One Foot/Both Hands Up move.

I second WordBones' endorsement of here, and for the same reasons. I live in Thunder Hill, and Ian has my vote.