Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Caffeine Fix

Caffeine Fix

I freely admit to being a coffee shop guy. These are great places to meet a friend, catch a break between meetings, or simply to observe the ebb and flo of life in these two towns.

It wasn't that long ago when your choices for coffee shops in Columbia and Ellicott City were limited to Riverside Coffee and Roaster's shops on Main Street in Ellicott City and on Dobbin Road in Columbia. This was in the pre-Starbucks period.

Today we have an abundance of places to get a daily caffeine fix in Columbia and Ellicott City. The old Riverside on Main Street is now Bean Alley and the Riverside on Dobbin Road is under new ownership. There are Starbucks on Route 40, Dobbin Road and The Mall In Columbia (did I miss any except those Starbuckettes found in Targets, Safeway's and Barnes & Noble?). We also have Bun Penney, Mad City (another former Riverside), Lakeside (also a former Riverside),Old Mill Bakery, and Orinoco.

Are there others?

I like Bean Alley in Ellicott City as a place to meet, have desert and purchase bulk coffee. I have noticed that the Starbucks on Dobbin Road is often laptop alley and Lakeside is a great place to connect in Town Center and have a light lunch.

What's your favorite?


Steve Fine said...

You missed the Starbucks off of Snowden, right next to Three Brothers.

wordbones said...


You are right. They just keep popping up don't they?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for a caffeine patch. Shakily put down the mug and step away slowly.

Until then, not specifically coffee, but Forest Diner, Bagel Bins (WL, RH, KC), Donna's.

David W. Keelan said...

I never thought about buying my whole coffee at Bean Alley. Are the prices reasonable?

Anon, 1:57. I would not put Forest Diner in the same category as a coffee shop and I, for one, do not like their coffee. Different atmosphere altogether. Donna's yes - Is there one in Ho Co?

This isn't a coffee shop either but they make a teriffic coffee - Dunkin' Donuts.

jim adams said...

It's not a coffee house, but there is a place, were one cup of coffee is made , early Saturday Morning, and it is out of this world. Sorry I can't invite you over.

Eldersburg1976 said...

i'd kill for a starbucks (or equal) @ the vacant bank building at the intersection of Thunder Hill & 175.

numbers.girl said...

I can't stand Starbucks coffee. Charbucks is more like it.

There is a great coffeehouse and bakery in Westminster. Plenty of seating, free Wifi, and the best desserts under $3.

Anonymous said...

David, There is a Donna's on the corner of Snowden and 108. It is across the street from Eggspectations.

Robin said...

I also like Donna's over in Columbia (right behind Bennigan's). The atmosphere is casual & elegant and the food is great. Try their burgers (best to do this when you're hungry because their portions are big).

For another short list of cafes in the area, check out ezColumbia's restaurants & cafes section ( Disclaimer: I'm one of the people who help run ezColumbia.

NIna said...

Orinoco is awesome. Seriously my new favorite place in Columbia.

Anonymous said...

A starbucks just opened in my living room.

wordbones said...

Good locations just keep getting harder to find!

Anonymous said...

I always loved Riverside (by Dobbin road) house blend. But I also recently discovered their lunch menu is pretty good as well.

Anonymous said...

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