Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taco Tuesday & Telephones

Last night was one of those rare occasions when I found myself alone for dinner. I was actually in the mood to be around people so I drove down to the Pure Wine Café on Main Street and grabbed one of the last seats at the bar. The small café was packed on a Tuesday night and I soon discovered why. It was Taco Tuesday.

For ten bucks on Tuesdays, Pure Wine offers your pick of two soft tacos. These are no gas stations tacos either. I had the Mediterranean Shrimp & Chorizo and the Cajun Style Vegetarian and each was equally delicious in their own right. They also offered a Southeast Asian Grilled Chicken, Latin American Pork Shoulder and a Rockfish taco prepared California Style with roasted red pepper aioli, jicama-cabbage slaw and pickled chili.

I understand now why the place was packed.

I like sitting at the bar at Pure Wine too. It’s intimate configuration facilitates impromptu conversations with your fellow patrons. Each time I’ve visited Pure Wine by myself I’ve ended up meeting new people and learning new things. Last night was no exception.

Earlier yesterday I was in The Mall for a haircut and ran into the Marshmallow Man sitting in Starbucks. He told me it was his birthday. After wishing MM a happy birthday we talked a bit about the upcoming BOE election. It is no secret that Marshmallow Man holds a pretty low opinion of candidate Ann De Lacy and I happen to share that sentiment. I told him I’d be going out of my way to promote the better candidates as we begin to get closer to the election. As I see it, five of the six candidates look pretty solid.

Right outside of where we standing the old public phone kiosk is being dismantled. These kiosks have been fixtures at the mall entrances since The Mall opened in 1971 and were once the critical link for mall rats needing a ride home. They have now joined the ranks of technologies castoffs.

It would be nice if they’d replace them with something like this.
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