Monday, June 25, 2012

“Like Eating a Fat Angel”

Last night I took Peanut to the relatively new “Scoop Ahh Dee Doo" ice cream stand in Ellicott City. Earlier last week I sampled their frozen confections for the first time and was blown away by a flavor called Honey Graham. It was just like graham crackers only ice cream, if that makes any sense.

Peanut decided to try one of her favorite flavors, strawberry. After only a few bites she declared that it was the best strawberry ice cream she’d ever had. “It’s like eating a fat angel,” she said.

I’m not sure exactly where that expression came from but I took it to be high praise.

I was tempted to try the Berger Cookie flavor but the Honey Graham so good the first time I decided to get it again.

The ice cream comes from the Taharka Brothers Homemade Ice Cream Company in Baltimore. The company and its founders were the subject of this story by Dick Gordon on American Public Media. It’s worth a listen and makes the delicious ice cream all the more enticing.

The setting is pretty terrific too. Peanut and I took our ice cream over to a bench by the river and soaked in the summer evening while listening to the water cascading over the rocks just below us. It was just like eating a fat angel.

We’re heading down there again tonight. I've been thinking about that Berger Cookie flavor all day.
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