Saturday, April 14, 2012

Political Kibble

This past week after, attending Ken Ulmans fundraising event at Maple Lawn and the HoCo Blogtail party at the Second Chance Saloon, I came away with a hodgepodge of notes. None of them had enough meat on the bone for a single blog post so I’ve thrown them all into one blog post bowl, sort of like kibble.

Arriving at Looneys Pub for Ken Ulmans party on Tuesday I ran into Elanie Northrop, the grande dame of HoCo realtors. She was a bit flustered after having failed twice to find a way into the bar. I quipped that this was probably a scheme by Healthy Howard to get people to walk more. She did not seem amused. Later I saw that she had bought along a copy of her self published self help book. I wonder if she was planning to give Ken a signed copy.

Speaking of Ken, I did a get a minute to chat briefly with the county exec about the state budget debacle. Ken sees the turmoil in Annapolis as an opportunity to distinguish himself from the other potential gubernatorial candidates like Gansler, Franchot and Brown who are more closely tied to the Annapolis power structure. I also asked him if he’d be interested in coming back on our podcast soon. He readily agreed and then kidded me a bit about the size of our audience. “How many listeners do you have have, ten?”

Actually I think it is closer to eleven.

Ann DeLacy, the second highest finisher in the BOE primary, is in for a rough summer. The darling of the teachers union is seen in many quarters as just another Allen Dyer and, as a result, opposition to her candidacy is growing. At the HoCo Blogtail party on Wednesday night, a friend suggested that if I wanted to see what Ann is like serving on a board I should sit in on a Harpers Choice Village board meeting to see her in action. Apparently it is quite revealing. 

Perhaps someone will make a video that we can share.
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