Monday, April 30, 2012

Wegmans Saga…Finis

I wrote my first post about the Columbia Wegmans over four years ago when the HoCo anti growth crowd, backed by the food workers union, attempted to derail the mega grocer’s plans to open the Columbia store. They filed a series of lawsuits centered on the decision to allow the grocer to locate in what was originally an industrial zone. Prophetically, I titled that post “Wegman’s Saga Part One.”

I would go on to write twelve more Wegmans saga installments over the next three years. The last one, Part Thirteen, was a year ago May when the store finally received its building permit.

My work is done here. I’m better on the front end of development stuff than the back end. Once a building gets built and a new business opens its doors I’ve moved on to the next project. In my book, Wegmans is already a success. Jobs have been created. Next.

The Columbia Wegmans is being covered much better by others now. Over a year ago a facebook group, was started called “I Want The Columbia Wegmans.” It now has 991 members and is a great source for news and rumors about the store. HowChow, the biggest fork in HoCo loco food blogging, even has an opening day countdown clock on his blog.

No doubt I’ll have write another post about the store some time in the future but the saga of getting the Columbia store built and opened is essentially over, finis. We won.
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