Monday, January 01, 2007

Holiday Movie Night: Part Two

Holiday Movie Night: Part Two

Last Friday night we made the decision to see a movie first and go to dinner afterwards. Often, when I eat dinner before a movie, I'll get sleepy midway through the film, especially if it is a chick flick. We caught the 6:30 PM screening of the The Good Shepherd at the Regal Cinemas in Snowden Square.

Of course, the movie rarely begins at the posted time. This fact coupled with the 2 hr 40 minute movie meant that it was a little past 9:30 PM when we got out of the theatre.

Finding a place to grab dinner at 9:30 PM in Columbia on a Friday night is a bit challenging. The last time we found ourselves in this situation we went to the Macaroni Grill at Columbia Crossing.

We won't do that again.

It was easy enough to get a table. It was almost impossible to get service. After waiting at least 15 minutes for a waiter to come to our table I ended up leaving my seat and going in search of someone to help us. It did not get any better after that.

This time we headed over to Aida Bistro in Columbia Gateway. Though the sign on the door said they were open til 10 PM, the door was locked at 9:45 PM.

We ended up at Cafe De Paris. There weren't many people in the dining room but they happily seated us and served us a delicious dinner, even though it was 10 PM.

This quest for a late after movie meal made me ponder the thought; Is this indicative of weekend night life in edge cities such as ours?


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Aida, while quite delicious, is a bit off the beaten track, catering considerably to business lunch & dinners because of its location.

There are plenty of great places that do provide good service late.

"Is this indicative of weekend night life in edge cities such as ours?"

No. In fact, Google believes there's 55,495 places to eat around town. Bon apetit.