Monday, December 03, 2012

Third Times a Charm

In 2004, Veli Demirel attempted to rezone a two acre parcel at the intersection of Frederick Road and Centennial Lane from residential to commercial. At that time he was proposing to build a two story commercial building on the site. His request was denied.

In 2010 Veli went back to the zoning board. This time tried to change the zoning from R-20 to the relatively new OT District or Office Transition District.

“This district is established to allow low-impact office uses adjacent to areas of residential zoning. The OT district is a floating district that will provide a transition along the edges of residential areas impacted by nearby retail/ employment areas or arterial highways carrying high volumes of traffic. The standards of this district should result in small-scale office buildings on attractively-designed sites that are compatible with neighboring residential uses.”

The R-20 zoning allows approximately two single family homes per acre which means Veli could build four homes under the existing zoning. His 2010 plan called for a pair of two story office buildings. His request was denied.

Now he’s back again with another bid to get the OT zoning but this time with five two story buildings with apartments over office space. Each building would be approximately 5,000 square feet. Last month the Department of Planning and Zoning recommended this plan be approved.

The County Council, sitting as Zoning Board, will vote on the recommendation a week from today.

Could the third time be the charm for Mr. Demirel?
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