Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beer Me!

This weekend we opted for drinking craft beer at the lake as opposed to drinking wine in the woods. True, we could have done both. Many did, but we decided it would be better to stick with one type of alcohol. We also weren't quite up for the crowds in the woods. At the lakefront we parked with no problem and never waited in line for a beer sample or food. 
Clyde’s Second Annual Craft Beer Festival featured about fifty craft brews that ranged from delicious to “you call that beer?”
 Though my adult beverage of choice is usually a glass of red wine, I am finding the craft beer trend to be very interesting. These beers don’t resemble any of the beers I've grown up with. These are beers with complex flavors and finishes. Some of the ones I sampled yesterday were barely tolerable while others completely blew me away. The four ounce taste pours were perfect for encouraging folks to explore and experiment with beers like “Hell or High Watermelon.”

Seriously. And it was rather tasty. Mama Wordbones dubbed it a “hot tub beer.”
At Wine in the Woods I drink wine I’ll likely never buy. At the beer fest I discovered beers that I really liked but had never heard of before and will now give a them second look when I spot them in a store or on tap.

If I had one criticism of the beer fest it would be that the space was too small and there were not enough places to sit, much less dance!. Hopefully that will be an easy problem to fix before the third annual.
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