Monday, October 25, 2010

District 13 House of Delegates Endorsements

When I started making HoCo politico endorsements back in May I thought I’d have plenty of time to cover all the loco races. Where did the time go?

With early voting already underway and only eight days remaining before the actual Election Day, I have yet to weigh in on the State Senate races and the District 13 House of Delegates race. Given the constraints of time I've decided to take a pass on the Senate races and instead make my final picks for the D13 Delegates.

Not that it really matters anyway. I sincerely hope that all voters will make their own informed choices, whether they agree with me or not. The whole idea here is simply to get more people to pay attention and perhaps go a little deeper than party affiliation when making their decisions.

In the District 13 House of Delegates contest I like two Repubs and a Dem in this district in the south eastern portion of the county. The Dems hold roughly a two to one advantage in registered voters and consequently the elected Dems don’t have to work very hard to get reelected. In other words, they can pretty much do whatever they want like banging on their desks. That’s why it would be good for the welfare of the state to mix it up a little.

Ed Priola has worked harder than any candidate I know this election season, knocking on doors and getting out and talking to as many District 13 residents as is physically possible. I particularly like that he has pledged to only serve two terms if elected. Compare this to the 16 years in office of incumbents Shane Pendergrass and Frank Turner.

I also like Jeff Robinson. Jeff is a technology executive in Columbia and I am a big fan of having more business people in the General Assembly. He also supports direct shipping of wine for Maryland residents, which is something our Dem dominated state legislature has failed to deliver despite overwhelming popular support.

My Dem pick is Guy Guzzone. While I may not always agree with his politics I find him to be reasonable and generally willing to listen to an opposing view. In just one term in the House he has quickly established himself as an able legislator.

Guy Guzzone, Jeff Robinson and Ed Priola for District 13 House of Delegates.  

As for all the other races, you’re on your own. Please choose wisely.
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