Sunday, May 03, 2009

Frankly Conversational

Those are the words Jonathan Pitts chose to describe Tales of Two Cities in his story entitled “Blogville, MD” in The Sun today.

The story included a sidebar listing a few of the local blogs and brief descriptions of their content. Noticeably absent was The Hedgehog Report which I consider to be the grandfather of the local blog scene. Though his blog is largely about national polls and politics, Dave frequently weighs in on local issues as well.


Anonymous said...

I think the review gave a fair synopsis of styles, not substance.

Conversational: yes.
Frank in expressing the author's opinions: yes.
Frank in every meaning of the word: no. The author employs rhetoric and spin at times, which runs counter to frank expression of truth without subterfuge.

Caveat lector.

JessieX said...

caveat anonymasses.

read that any way you'd like. (_x_)

Dave W said...

Good article.

The reporter Pitts actually emailed me a couple months ago about this article, but never returned either my phone call or my email response when I replied to him...oh well.

KAL said...

Dave: Read the Sun article. Nice plug for all HC's hardworking bloggers. Karen

Anonymous said...

Jessie might post two photos, one where she's smiling and another more realistic one.

(I reserve the right to use a line that good to ad nauseum levels)

We get it. You don't like anons. We don't care. Move forward.

Anonymous said...

I read it in the humorously witty way I think it was intended. Thank you for the consideration.

And, thankfully, I know Jessie smiles just as much as anyone else.

Anon 11:45

HowChow said...

The story was very nice, and I was pleased that the Sun recognized Jessie X's central position. Do you have any feel if it encouraged people to visit Tales of Two Cities?

For the record, I laughed, but had to be pleased with the description "professional, upbeat."

wordbones said...


I agree that the story in The Sun yesterday was nice. I think Jessie liked it too though it's kind of hard to tell from her post about it.

I also believe it encouraged more folks to visit the local blogs. My own traffic was double what normally is on a Sunday.


Waggle Room Ryan said...

Cool to see Jon get the piece in. I know the Sun has reassigned him all over the place in recent months. I think that was a good piece.

Robin said...

Until I read Jessie's blog post, I didn't realize this interview was done last December yet. How time flies ... there's almost 150 blogs on Hocoblogs now. Albeit not all bloggers write about community issues, but still 150 and still growing!

Mike said...

I liked the article. I would have loved a nod but I don't blog about Howard County or technically live there (other side of the river in Oella, I am) so I got 8 visits yesterday the old-fashioned way: random searches. I tried to tweet to hocoblogs about it with a link back but even that's lost in the ether.

It's still nice to read about bloggers I know, and I love the group! And the variety of styles.

Even without links on the Sun site itself (which is, of course, baffling), they can come to or search on cool names like "Word Bones" :-).