Monday, July 28, 2008

Good News for Howard County Coffee Lovers

This old dog is a big fan of the brown beverage. I was even able to make the transition from caffeinated to decaffeinated after my unfortunate health event last fall. In fact, as I bang out this post, I am enjoying a cup from the Orinoco coffee shop.

The good news for Howard County coffee lovers is that while Starbucks is closing some 600 stores across the country, none of those closings are in our fair county. In fact, we will have a net gain when a new Starbucks opens in the Shipley’s Grant development on Waterloo Road. I have previously referred to this area as Columbicott City since it straddles the border of Columbia and Ellicott City.

Starbucks is closing a total of 12 stores in Maryland including one in Harborplace in Baltimore. You can find the complete list of closings here.